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About Marcia

Tiny things have been a part of my world for as long as I can remember. When I was little My grandma would often bring me with her to a friend's house for coffee.  The friend was a miniature artist. Her living room displayed her miniature rooms and Christmas trees. They fascinated me and kept my imagination busy for hours.

It also started me down the path of creating my own miniatures at an early age. 

I started Mrc Creations in high school, I created polymer clay miniatures and sold my work at weekend craft shows.  Through college and university I did larger scale shows until I graduated and started teaching Kindergarten full time. 

​My creative work took a new direction and I built a ton of miniature loose part boxes and continued to play in the littles world with kids for 13 years.

In September of 2019, my family and I moved to Vancouver Island. Seeking a more connected life with nature.  I became obsessed with the moss, all the different shades of green, and the enormous range of textures. It inspired me to start creating Santa gnomes and miniature forest frames.

In February of 2020 we lost our house to a chimney fire. We got out in time, saved by our daughter in the middle of the night. Shortly after we moved to temporary housing back into a city setting as we navigated insurance and planned the rebuilding of our home. I did not adjust well. I wanted my happy place back, surrounded by the trees, birds and ocean. I was angry. 

I went back daily to our property where we had lost our home to build a garden. I worked in the rain, mad at everything, but especially the pile of wood that only 6 weeks ago was essential to heating our house. I was incredibly angry and at one point I started throwing the wood, kicking the pile. Then the log fell. Landed at my feet in front of me and looked like the hobbit house from the “Lord of the Rings”. 

Tears done, wood in hand, inspired by a new challenge. I  took out my emotions with a chisel and mallet. Over the last year I have breathed new life into my old style of miniature making, creating detailed custom fairy homes and accessories for the wee folk. Each house is made with a piece of wood from our wood pile, the details are personal and unique to each build

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