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Beach House

“I absolutely LOVE my miniature beach house I received from my ever so talented bestie Marcia. You incorporated so many meaningful items that makes it that much more special”.
💜 Kathy

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Hi Marcie
“We are the very lucky recipients of the incredible ‘Papa’s Palace’ you created for Jeanetta. I just wanted to tell you first-hand what a treasure this masterpiece is. Not only is it incredibly well-constructed, it also perfectly and uniquely showcases a multitude of my personal interests! You nailed this one and I absolutely adore every single detail you created. Thank you so much”!!           
Kind regards .... Lynda and Duncan

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“What a magical day! I commissioned Marcia Cronk-Teha to design and create an Elf King Clubhouse as a surprise gift for Mark. So on the way home from Courtney we stopped at Ships Point. Mark had no idea. Marcie was explaining the design of the clubhouse to other customers, explaining it was a gift for a golfer who painted. He listened intrigued but didn’t connect the dots. At the end at the big reveal that this interactive gorgeous piece of art was for him and included all kinds of personal touches, he was in shock! Omg he said this is beautiful”!        

“This breathtaking interactive piece has miniature reproductions of his own paintings, purchased favourite paintings, a usable golf club/green/balls/pin, a reproduction of a photo of us and Torsha, a coffee, an Arnold Palmer, an easel, palette, on and on...... incredible! Plus pieces from the remains from their house fire, (Mark gave them some advice when the fire initially happened). Overwhelmed”! 

Wow! Thank you Marcie you exceeded expectations ❤️ 

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“A stunning personalized piece of art. Marcie’s story is an inspiring story of tenacity, optimism and renewal. Impeccable artistry and craftsmanship”.

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